About Me

“Health is not a diet or an exercise programme – it’s a lifestyle”

Hi, I’m Anri Horne – registered dietitian, exercise lover and peanut butter enthusiast.

I am a dietitian in Paarl and offer dietetic services, one-on-one nutrition advice and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) exercise classes to individual patients and clients of any age.

My approach to health is holistic. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, I consider the whole person and take into account that no two people are the same, and thus no two people can be treated the same. A holistic nutrition approach takes a person’s whole life into account to create a nutritional plan designed for that specific person to ensure health and well-being.

While ensuring that my clients are healthy and well nourished is my primary goal, I believe that feeling satisfied with how one looks contributes just as much to health and happiness. With my dietary advice I can help my clients to reach their goals, whether it be weight loss, eating healthily to prevent disease or eating right for a specific disorder.

No healthy lifestyle is complete, however, without exercise, which I firmly believe is the key to maintaining the healthier, happier, new you. Resistance training sculpts the body, amplifies the metabolism and prevents fat storage, while cardiovascular exercise keeps the heart healthy and lowers body fat percentage. But finding enough time for all this in today’s busy, fast-paced life is difficult. This is why I offer EMS sessions for exercise in addition to dietary advice for my clients. One 20-minute EMS session is all the resistance training you need for the week, and I have first-hand experience in how this improves the body.

So what can you expect from a nutrition consultation with me? In a nutshell you will receive a full body composition analysis, a personalised diet and meal plan, practical recipes and advice on how to incorporate these new healthy changes into your everyday life.  And because you and I will be using a holistic approach to your health, depending on your needs, we will also discuss stress management, exercise, organisational tips and strategies to overcome any troubleshooting like cravings and emotional eating. This combined with EMS training is guaranteed to give you the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of