Nutriton and dietetics services



Once off nutrition session – minimum of 1 session


This is for someone who wants some dietary guidance pertaining to a certain condition (diabetes, high cholesterol, child nutrition, ADHD, anaemia, constipation, dysphagia, epilepsy etc.) but does not want a personalised meal plan made for them.

  • 51-60 minutes
    • Body composition analysis
    • Medical history
    • Diet history and analysis
    • Dietary counselling and advice
    • Generic meal plan/eating guidelines given

Personalized Nutrition – minimum of 2 sessions required

This is for someone who wants a personalised nutrition plan made to suit their precise needs or disease. Lifestyle, metabolic rate, exercise, dietary needs and personal preferences are taken into account. Creating this meal plan takes time outside of the session and thus two sessions are required.

  • First consultation: 60-75 minutes, R670
    • Body composition analysis
    • Medical history and medication use
    • Diet history and analysis
    • Goal setting
    • Dietary counselling and advice
    • Personalised meal plan made with information gathered in this session
  • Second consultation: 30-40 minutes R380
    • Current diet analysis feedback
    • Personalised meal plan and portion sheet handover
    • Recipe pack
    • Additional information and counselling

Follow-up consultations (optional): 30 min – R200

    • Body composition analysis
    • Meal plan changes
    • Additional information and counselling

Miha Bodytec EMS training sessions price list:

First session: trial – R200
Full sessions: R250